[Gourmet Street Walk] Saint-Germain Quarter dessert and handmade chocolate tour on the left bank of Paris

Activity features

  • Recommended local authentic foods that must be eaten in France
  • Meet French locals, experience French art of living, and deeply perceive French food culture
  • Experience the most Parisian streets in the Living and Cultural District on the left bank of Paris
  • The tour includes professional guides to explain the cost and all food purchase costs: desserts and chocolates



Our professional guide will explain the history of the Saint-Germain block on the left bank and the celebrity stories that have taken place here. While explaining the French people’s eating habits, we will talk about the Parisian food culture and life philosophy from the history. The locals will take you to a Parisian gourmet restaurant where the neighborhood is home to some of Paris’ finest desserts and handmade chocolate flagship stores.


Behind every world-class dessert shop and dessert chef, there are their unique glorious stories. Taste the best macarons and handmade chocolates in Paris, listen to the stories behind them, and the origins of French desserts, and feel the rich life of Paris. Life is like a dessert and chocolate tour on the left bank. You can never guess what kind of desserts you will taste with the next stop.


Along the way, we will taste 7 to 8 different typical Parisian chocolates and desserts, passing through two hundred-year-old churches, and the two most famous coffee shops in Paris in different dessert chocolate shops. Our tour guides will tell you the history of dessert evolution and development.