[Gourmet Walking] Classic French Snack Tour on the Left Bank of Paris – Dessert + Cheese + Foie Gras + Wine

Activity features

  • Recommended local authentic foods that must be eaten in France
  • Meet French locals, experience French art of living, and deeply perceive French food culture
  • Experience the “most Paris” in the life and culture district of the left bank of Paris
  • The tour includes professional guides to explain the cost and all food purchase costs: wine, foie gras, cheese, cooked food, dessert, bread


You must taste the most classic French snacks in France, and feel the full literary atmosphere on the left bank of Paris. The local guides take you out of the scenic spots full of tourists, visit the traditional French market, take you to the local specialties restaurant where the locals know, taste the best cheeses, desserts and breads in Paris… Feel the life of Paris breath. Walk through the medieval Latin Quarter as elegantly as the Parisians, passing through the Pantheon and the Roman Trail. As a school district, the Latin Quarter on the left bank of Paris hides the famous food street in Paris.

Our professional guides will explain the history of the left bank, explain the French people’s eating habits, and talk about the Parisian food culture and life philosophy from the history. French food tradition and food culture are profound. They were included in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010. It was the first time in history that a country’s food culture has been included in the heritage list. French cuisine is combined with French cultural identity. In the explanation of local guides, we will also deeply understand the food culture intertwined with history, culture and thought. Learn about the French culture behind it through food and experience the lively ancient Paris.

Because it is the university town, the Latin Quarter has a lot of unique and personalized bookstores, coffee shops, bars and flower shops. Enjoy the cultural atmosphere, open a bottle of red wine or white wine in a tavern, and savor the special foie gras and cooked liver. This is a great life!