[French movie block walk] Paris stars and movie fantasy tour

Activity features:

Meet French locals, experience French art of life, and deeply perceive French film culture.

Visit countless famous movie scenes in Montmartre, Paris.

Experience the art scene and the beauty of the monuments in the streets, bars, shops.


Paris is one of the most photographed cities in the world, and loved by world directors and stars. While touring Montmartre with the guide, you will visit the beautiful cafes where French actress Audrey Tatu shoots “Angel Love”. You will also see where Nicole Kidman took the film of the “Moulin Rouge” of the same name, you will also see the “Sacré-Cœur”, director Woody Allen’s midnight Paris, and many unexpected discoveries.

The guide will tell you some secrets about filming, some of the places that stars often go to, but the real star in the tour is Paris itself, you will be amazed by the street of its bars, the art atmosphere of the stores and the beauty of the monuments. You will naturally understand why so many directors choose Paris as the venue for the filming. Come and feel the magical atmosphere of Montmartre. Let’s have a drink together!