[Working with the chef in Paris] French macaron production class

Activity features

  1. Learn with French chefs to make the most French-style desserts in France
  2. Get in touch with local people to learn about sharing French culture
  3. Pack and make a good macaron as a small gift for friends and family



[Introduction of Macaron]

Macaron’s history was once a noble food, and today it is still a symbol of luxury, derived from the high price of raw almond powder, and its cumbersome craftsmanship and methods. With its colorful colors, fresh and delicate taste and small and exquisite shape, Macaron has become the “new favorite”. Macaron has a distinct layering, soft inside and is called “the girl’s crisp chest”. Taking a bite, the first thing that tasted was a thin but crisp outer shell, followed by a soft, dense inner layer. Unlike the texture of the cream, the toughness of the macarons prop up the filling and add chewiness to the soft filling. Especially the freshly baked macarons can instantly thrill the taste buds.

[Macaron Course]

The macaron course uses healthy ingredients carefully selected by the chef: fresh eggs, fruit and premium chocolate butter. In the chef’s sunny kitchen, in the soft milk and fruit, make a lovely macaron, they have a smooth surface, a soft glow under the light, and a circle on the bottom edge of the cake. Beautiful lace skirt. Thanks to the addition of different decorative materials, such as lemon yellow and fruit powder, the macarons are colorful. In the process of roasting macarons, making friends with local French chefs can help to understand the French culture and the character of the French nationality, and feel the French dessert culture and French art and attitude.