[Working with French chefs in Paris] Visiting the traditional Paris market + French cooking class

Activity features

  • Under the guidance of the chef, personally purchase the natural ingredients needed in the traditional Paris market to create a healthy lunch.
  • To the French chef’s home, the chef personally teaches the recipe and essence of the exquisite French cuisine, including the starter, main course, dessert and wine.
  • Access to French locals, deep perception of French food culture and art of living
  • Have lunch with students from all over the world and taste the French dinner together



Feel the tranquility and life of Paris. Visit the colorful French traditional market with local French chefs and let the French chef tell you how to choose the freshest ingredients. A variety of exotic French specialties and seasonal dishes, there are a variety of seafood, meat, fruits, vegetables, a variety of cheese, snacks and cooked foods … exquisite cuisine for you to see. You can’t help but amaze that French life is really a beautiful art!

After buying fresh ingredients, walk into his private kitchen with the chef and use these ingredients to cook a healthy, delicious and easy-to-learn French meal (including: starter, main course and dessert). It may be Americans, Europeans, Japanese, Koreans, people from all over the world who are passionate about food and life… or even your own private classroom.

Visit the chef’s kitchen and examine his exquisite kitchen utensils, knives, and listen to the chef’s story and daily routines. In the process of making the starter, the main dish and the dessert, everyone will get involved and let you experience the “French” cooking style. Of course, during the production process, the chef will teach you tips on knife or food processing.

The chefs have been in the luxury hotels and restaurants of major groups for many years. The chefs receive thousands of visitors from all over the world to help them better understand the French food culture and life art, and are good at receiving high-end customers. Through talking with the chef, foreign visitors also gained a deeper understanding of his culinary philosophy, French life art, life insights and the qualities of the French nationality. They are warm and kind, humorous and courteous. They are very particular about diet, love, and life. They work hard. The chef’s life is simple, and the French humorous jokes that come out sometimes make people laugh, but they are not rude.

Finally, enjoy the accomplishment of joint effort with your French “masters” and other students from all over the world, lunch with wine, talk in a harmonious atmosphere, about food, about life, about the distance.