Paris’s fashion is everywhere

Paris is the leading city that leads the world in fashion trends. The world’s four major fashion weeks are held twice a year in Milan, Paris, New York and London. Parisian fashion is not only seen on the Champs Elysées, Vanden Square and other boutiques, but you can see Parisian fashion tastes in everyday life whenever and wherever you are.

On the street outside the Paris Concert Hall, a stylish grandmother, about 65 years old, maintains a good figure and is confidently and gracefully crossing the street. Beauty and temperament are always the aura she gives people. Age is not a problem that bothers her.

On the crowded and bustling subway in Paris, this simple-dressed young woman, with Hermes bag on hand, tells you her identity and taste in a low-key manner.

On the train in Paris, the 80-year-old grandmother is watching the newspaper leisurely. From her dress, the accessories on her hands, and the earrings she wears, you can imagine that she has been wearing this fashion since she was young, and it is her habit.

Parisians have been taught by aesthetics since childhood, dressed confidently in their own way. If you could have the opportunity to visit Paris, sit in the roadside cafe to sip the coffee, and then leisurely enjoy the taste of passers-by, is a great pleasure.

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