SKAL Taipei International will host “9/27 World Tourism Day”

SKAL International, the world’s largest tourism organization

SKAL Taipei International will host “9/27 World Tourism Day”

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Participate in a meaningful charity event, you can meet many friends at the same time, enjoy five-star hotel Italian and French cuisine, fine wine, and learn about 13 different nationalities through exciting activities (Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, Japan, Kenya, Philippines, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, USA) How can you miss it?

The United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has set September 27 as World Tourism Day, and all those who care about tourism and the positive impact of tourism on society are celebrating this day. The purpose of celebrating World Tourism Day is to raise awareness of the tourism industry and its importance to the international community and to demonstrate how it affects the social, cultural, political and economic values ​​of the world. The theme of the 2018 celebration is to protect culture and heritage. In Taipei, we not only celebrate the mysterious charm of travel, but we also turn people into blessings. The celebration included a dinner, food and fun-filled networking for SKAL Taipei Skalleagues, family, and friends. We also hope to have a fundraising event at the same time as we celebrate to support those in need.

Hosted by: SKAL International Taipei

Time: September 27th, 18:00~22:00

Venue: Caesar Hotel Banqiao, 3rd Floor, Hall A

Event & Dinner: NT$1,500 per person.

Clothing: formal, fashion / traditional clothing

The income of this activity will be used for the charity project of SKAL Taipei (2018 Donor: Migrants’ Park)

MIGRANTS’ PARK is dedicated to telling the story of more than 1 million people working in Taiwan through objective documentaries and interviews. These reports include festivals, personalities, rights, welfare, and other related activities. They hope to help the public understand the rich cultural assets brought about by the migration, bring them closer to the hearts of the Taiwanese people.

SKAL Taipei hopes to promote international friendship and provide financial support so that young journalists with ideals can continue to tell stories about many foreign friends in Taiwan.

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